The following books by Paul Jared Newman,  pen name Jared Walker for certain publications, are available. Contact

Falsetas coverA New Anthology of Falsetas for Flamenco Guitar,  edited and performed by Paul Jared Newman
The Bold Strummer, Ltd., Westport, CT; 56 pp, downloadable tracks on Soundcloud with purchase

32 falsetas, 8 each for soleares, alegrías, bulerías and siguiriyas, standard notation and tablature, with performance notes. 56 pp. $17.95 –

“This collection can be thoroughly recommended”
– Paul Magnussen, CLASSICAL GUITAR magazine

“I love your flamenco book by the way. It is one of the rare books which gives the fundamentals in a concise but effective way. I will recommend it to my students, and I have been looking at it myself.”
– Cem Duruoz, Wesleyan University

Women1Five Women Composers Arranged for Guitar by Paul Jared Newman
Mel Bay Publications, St. Louis 2004; 24 pp. $7.95

New arrangements of pieces by Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann, Agatha Backer-Grondahl, Teresa Carreño and Amy Beach. 

“Attractive choices, all in a similar 19th century vein with an emphasis on strong melodic lines, for the more advanced player.”
– Linda Kelsall-Barnett, CLASSICAL GUITAR magazine

Bach1Bach, J.S.: Adagio, Aria & Fugue from BWV 992,
arranged by Jared Walker (Paul Jared Newman)
AIG Music, New York $5.95

Three movements from the master’s youthful
Capriccio on the Departure of his Beloved Brother,
arranged for guitar.

“This three-piece group of exquisite music is well transcribed by Jared Walker. It works very well on the guitar technically, retaining its depth, scope, and grandeur, and seems to have none of that ‘tortured to fit’ feeling present in many transcriptions. The problems of voicing are solved very cleverly, and the player is never in doubt as to the intentions of the arranger or composer.”
– GFA Soundboard

Nazareth1Ernesto Nazareth: Brazilian Tangos, arranged for guitar
Mel Bay Publications, St. Louis 2004; 24 pp. $7.95

Three of  Nazareth’s most famous pieces in straightforward arrangements; tablature and standard notation.

“Newman has arranged these pieces with admirable efficiency. The lilting basslines of Brejeiro are captured perfectly and the famous descending chord progressions of Odeon are well fingered and lose none of the essence of the piano original. Remando’s spry yet questioning theme works in a delightful way.”
– Tim Panting, CLASSICAL GUITAR magazine

These arrangements of  Chopin and Brahms piano works are for two guitars. The editions include separate scores for each part. $10.95

                Chopin1                                            Brahms
Chopin: Nocturnes: Op. 9 #1, Op. 55 #1                 Brahms: Intermezzi Op.117

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