Mambo 64 
“As always, Deirdre and Jared were amazing; they dazzled and delighted us all!  Thank you always! ”
Arlen Gargagliano, owner, Mambo 64, Tuckahoe, NY
Facebook posting, May 11, 2015

Photo by Steven Schreiber


“As the work alleviated from the mournful deep-song departure towards a bright resolution, dance and costumes also progressed from black isolation to unison in group formations, closing with all dancers barefooted, dressed in white flowing skirts adorning the space with air-sweeping sparkling silver-white shawls.”
Gabriela Estrada, Eye on Dance


Westport Library 
“We all loved your elegant, classy, warm, lovely performance, with superb musicians. A true test is that at the supermarket yesterday, someone opened the door and said, “oh, you’re the lady from the concert, that flamenco group was just wonderful, we truly enjoyed that performance, thank you so much.”

And my friend who’s a national TV journalist, who moderates political debates and is an expert, as well as a coach in many areas of presentation, wrote the following,

“I just want to say how beautiful the dancer, how primal and interesting the singer, and how delicious the guitar. What a special treat. I’m sure the packed house agreed with me. They were so different and so talented. You could tell they were exceptional. Wasn’t she just lovely to watch? I could never dance that way if I tried and tried, and tried.”
– October 12, 2014 Lynn Jeffrey, Westport Library, Westport, CT.

Classical Guitar Magazine
Ernesto Nazareth – Brazilian Tangos,
arranged by Jared Walker (alias for Paul Jared Newman)
“Walker has arranged these pieces with admirable efficiency. The lilting basslines of Berjeiro are captured perfectly and the famous descending chord progressions of Odeon are well fingered and lose none of the essence of the piano original. Remando‘s spry yet questioning theme works in a delightful way.” Tim Panting, Classical Guitar Magazine

Guitar Foundation of America – Soundboard
Bach, J.S. : Adagio & Fugue, BWV 992
arranged by Jared Walker
“This three-piece group of exquisite music is well transcribed by Jared Walker. It works very well on the guitar technically, retaining its depth, scope, and grandeur, and seems to have none of that ‘tortured to fit’ feeling present in many transcriptions. The problems of voicing are solved very cleverly, and the player is never in doubt as to the intentions of the arranger or composer. GFA Soundboard, Winter 1992

International Charter School, Brooklyn, NY
The kids (and teachers) loved your performance. It was great to see the kids so mesmerized by something so different from anything they had seen before. Hope we can collaborate again in the future!
4/6/2016, Joanna Bargman, Spanish Teacher